Thursday, March 12, 2015

Featured Website: Deutsches Afrikakorps Online Archive


Thanks for your visit to the Deutsches Afrikakorps Online Archive. The intention of this website is to provide a collection of facts and resources for historians, wargamers or scale modelers. These pages were created with military history and technology in mind. No political opinions are expressed by any text or picture found on this website.

The Deutsches Afrikakorps Online Archive does not support in any way those who would condone or embrace individuals, groups and/or organizations that are intolerant, racist or violent, or endorce those that use the theme of WWII history to further their own political agenda. This site is also respectfully dedicated to all those who suffered and died during the campaign of North Africa, from all sides.

My name is Paulo Henriques. I'm Portuguese, and a World War II enthusiast. I created this site because the Afrika Korps, and their Commander Erwin Rommel, have lived in my mind since I was very young; back in the day when I would play with my Afrika Korps plastic soldiers. Now with the age of 42 and around 25 years of research of the World War II I created this site, and intend to put here everything I can find about this German force that fought in North Africa. I can't do all this without the help of many people that I meet in the Internet thanks to this website. There are there names (in no particular order and hope not forgetting no one). Some of this people spend many hours of work scanning pictures and looking for any kind of info for helping me to update this site. Most of the work here was made by them. Credits to all and my Best Regards.

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